Smith Institute .
Chapman University .
Orange, CA 92866 .

«Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions, and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them.» (David Hume)

I’m a
Research Associate at the Smith Institute for Political Economy and Philosophy at Chapman University. Prior to this I was a PPE Fellow in the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program at the University of Pennsylvania.  I specialize in Behavioral Economics and Game Theory (CV).

In particular, my work falls in the domain of Micro-Based Behavioral Economics: it combines formal theorizing with empirical methods, in order to explore issues in strategic decision-making. As such, my typical paper aims to make a contribution in terms of both theoretical and empirical results. Some of my work is inspired by philosophical accounts of “informal institutions”, like social norms and conventions; in other research, I have examined the epistemic foundations of coordination, perception, and risk-taking behavior. In short, my research investigates “non-standard” knowledge structures and preferences, the emergence of informal rules of conduct, and the role of information transmission in shaping individual behavior and public policies.

Escher - Up and Down

M. C. Escher: Up and Down